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Body Composition Log

Tracking the important metrics

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can select which metrics are tracked and the order they appear on the screen by navigating to the "Settings / Metrics to Track" screen.
    On this screen you will see all the available metrics in 2 sections, those in the top section will be displayed while those in the second section will not.
    Using the "Edit" button you can re-order the metrics as you wish.
  • By default BC Log expects Bone and Muscle Mass to be entered as a weight value. If you prefer to track these as a percentage you can set this easily.
    Navigate to "Settings / Metrics to Track". From here you can select the "Bone Mass" or "Muscle Mass" metrics. You should now be able to select "Track as Percentage" as desired.
    When you change from Weight to Percentage tracking, or vise versa,, BC Log will attempt to update all the values you have previously entered. If you have not entered a Weight for a given date though it will not be possible to calculate a percentage for that date and so the value will be left blank.
  • The BMI ranges shown in BC Log are set by the World Health Organisation but should only be used as a statistical indicator. Lots of information on BMI can be found on Wikipedia.

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BC Log Pro

  • Track additional metrics
  • Remove the adds
  • Export your data

BC Log Pro, available as an In-App purchase.