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Body Composition Log

Tracking the important metrics

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Whether you are aiming to loose weight or maintain a specific weight, maintaining a log will greatly aid you in this process. With BC Log you can easily record your weight and other body composition data and monitor changes over time.
BC Log provides the following functionality -
Track your Weight
Record your weight on a regular basis. Whether you are looking to loose, gain or maintain weight a regular log will make the process much easier.
Simple Graphs
View your weight changes in a simple graph showing the previous 7, 14 or 30 days.
Target Weight
Trying to reach a target weight?
Set a target weight and date and see your progress towards your goal on a separate graph.
Easy Weight Entry
Enter your weight in any common weight units
Body Mass Index
Provide your height and your Body Mass Index will be calculated when you enter a weight.
Your BMI can then be shown on a separate graph

BC Log Pro

  • Track additional metrics
  • Remove the adds
  • Export your data

BC Log Pro, available as an In-App purchase.